Q: Why should I pre-arrange my funeral?

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- Ramona Sousa


I think that, uh, pre-planning for an eventuality is just wise. We see that in so many areas of our lives where we purchase insurance, in case a disaster happens. Well, death will happen.

Pre-planning is something that, that you can do that is a huge benefit to your family. When family members come in – whether it’s a spouse or children or, um, siblings – and they are in a position where they need to make decisions for, for their loved one that passed away, and they haven’t talked about it, or even if they have talked about it, they are second guessing if they are making the right decision or even second guessing what, what the individual that passed away might have wanted. Where prearranging takes all that stress away from, from the family members and those that are left to grieve.

I can tell you first hand the difference between meeting with a family and helping them through a funeral that’s been arranged and pre-planned, versus coming in cold and not even being prepared for the, the questions and the emotion around it, is night and day. The sense of relief to a family when they find out that mom and dad have already came in and pre-planned their funeral services, the burden is released of having to make those decisions themselves. So both emotionally – and financially, um – can be a great advantage.

If somebody had prearranged back in 1993 and they pass away this year, their funeral costs 1993 prices. Um, there still are things that do need to be paid at the time of, of someone’s passing, things like obituaries and honorariums, and the food at your reception, but that’s, it’s pretty minimal compared to the overall cost of a funeral.