Q: Will pre-arranging my funeral make it easier for my family?

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- Ramona Sousa


There are a lot of things that need to happen, a lot of decisions that need to be made. If some of those core decisions are made in advance then clearly, you know, having that down in writing, having communicated that well with your family, establishes a framework in which we will then be able to simply fill in the blanks.

When prearragements have been made, the stress level is reduced immensely. And the reason for that is, the children or the family can concentrate on, on their grief and not so much on having to make decisions.

And I’ve had it where the children came in and they weren’t aware that it was, and I’ve sat down with them and said, “Well, this is what your mom and dad did 8 years ago.” It’s like, “ahh…” – you can physically see the relief on their face. It totally makes it easier.

And you know that it’s what the person wants. Quite often family members are comforted in knowing, “That is what my father wanted. He sat down and planned this himself.”

And if it’s been prepaid, then the financial concerns and the financial burdens have also been alleviated.

It’s almost this, this … a bit of a sense of pride that “I’ve done this, I’ve taken care of this, I’ve taken care of this for my family.” Much like you would if you had life insurance set up or a college fund for your, for your children. It’s something that, that you do and you can kind of feel proud that you’ve taken care of that for your family.